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OLX entice phone sellers with advert price cut

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Classifieds online firm OLX Kenya has cut advertisement prices on its mobile and tablet categories in a move it says will attract sellers seeking high visibility on their platform.

OLX users will now cost Sh 500 down from 2,000 previously charged for a seven-day visibility period while 30 day is now Sh. 2,000 from Ksh 6000 and 60-day visibility will now cost Sh 4,000 down from Sh 10,000 for mobile phone or tablet on the platform. The changes in price will now have users enjoy more visibility on OLX at lower costs hoping to get even more sellers selling their items faster.

“Following a consumer feedback we sampled among our mobile and tablet sellers, we have now slashed prices in the high traffic mobile category to cater to our users’ needs of wanting a high visibility at affordable costs.

We also found out that users also want high profit margins for items they are selling and the only way to give them this value is to reduce paid advert costs while giving them same amount of visibility.” OLX country manager Mr. Peter Ndiang’ui said.

OLX recently introduced the paid advert options to allow users wishing to have more visibility pay a premium price and have their items sell faster. According to OLX, paid advert options gives sellers more views than a normal advert increasing their chances of selling.


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