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New KCC unveils lactose free milk

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The New Kenya Cooperative Creamery (KCC) has launched a new lactose free milk for individuals who are lactose intolerant.

Speaking at the launch ceremony the firm’s Managing Director Mr. Nixon Sigei termed the move as ‘timely.’

Lactose being the main carbohydrate in dairy products, the move to introduce the low lactose milk will be a move to ensure those with lactose intolerance are also consuming milk and the enzymes produced in their body will be able to digest the lactose.

Lactose Intolerance is known for causing including bloating, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

The new milk aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle comes in an orange pack, featuring its prominent crown logo, will enable lactose intolerant consumers to easily digest the milk sugar in which causes stomach discomfort, bloating and stomach upsets to them.

The launch comes in wake of fresh push for privatization of the dairy. Dairy investors in Central Kenya want the Kenyan government to let go of New KCC and hand it over to milk producers.

In April, the Kenyan government suspended its plans to privatize the state-owned dairy producer saying that it will now focus on capacity building of the dairy firm.

According to Peter Munya, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary, New KCC is a critical state investment that plays a critical role in controlling the market prices.

Despite being in the privatization list for more than a decade now, Mr Munya said that the cabinet agreed to delay the process and instead focus on building its capacity.

“New KCC is a strategic government investment in the country and the cabinet did not find any good reason why it should be privatized at this stage,” Mr Munya said.

The cabinet secretary highlighted that the move will also play a critical role in protecting consumers against high costs of the commodity.


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