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Kenya to host this year’s water and sanitation conference

Water and Sanitation Conference 2019 will be the first sanitation conference to be hosted by the Ministry of Water and Sanitation.

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Kenya Sanitation Conference is set to be hosted on October 28th to 31st at the KICC Nairobi and aims to draw people from all over the world to explore all issues sanitation and how Sanitation for all can be accessed.

The four-day conference dubbed Sanitation for all aims at providing practical and innovative solutions towards the containment, collection, conveyance, treatment, disposal and re-use of wastewater and sludge in both rural and urban settings. This will be the first sanitation conference to be hosted by the Ministry of Water and Sanitation.

This comes on the sideline of the World Water Week, which was held on 25th to 30th August 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We are here to learn, borrow experiences and participate in the expo in promoting the Kenya Sanitation conference. Kenya wants to provide leadership in sanitation provision.” Mr Simon Chelugui Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Water and Sanitation said during the launch.

Chelugui added that Kenyans should expect policy implementation and guidance of institutions from the Ministry for better service delivery.

The Ministry undertakes its responsibility within the context of the realization of the right to a reasonable standard of sanitation for all, as enshrined in the Kenya Constitution, Clause 43) b).

The Water and Sanitation Ministry is also responsible for enhancing enforcement of sanitation standards, including pre-treatment by industries prior to discharging into water bodies or public sewer networks. 

In line with this year’s theme, the Ministry of Water and Sanitation seeks applications for the Iko-Safi Innovation Award on the topic of “Sanitation for All”. The award seeks to recognize innovative solutions that promote access to sanitation resources and services that make a difference in promoting healthy, safe, and productive lives for all.


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