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Firm unveils new hiring tool

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BrighterMonday has unveiled a new recruitment technology that will ease the hiring process. This comes after the talent recruitment firm launched an assessment tool that tests an applicants’ abilities beyond what is captured on their CVs.

“The tests are industry-specific and have been curated by experts making them excellent predictors of a candidate’s cognitive ability to perform the tasks required for a role, therefore allowing employers to pick the most suitable candidates with ease,” says Emmanuel Mutuma, Chief Executive Officer, BrighterMonday Kenya.

The firm says that, the new assessment tool will aim to address one of the key underlying challenge in recruitment when a single vacancy attracts overwhelming numbers of applications making talent selection a laborious and time-consuming task.

Through the applicant tracking system, a back-end filter that augments the assessment tool, hiring managers will be able to view a candidate scores alongside other filters like education and experience levels. This way, an employer can compare a candidate’s proficiency, qualifications and experience levels at a glance.

According to the Federation of Kenyan Employees (FKE) other than academic qualifications, employers are now looking at a candidate’s ability to fit into a role, something that cannot be measured by merely looking at a CV.

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