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Solis tractors, FEIL Group in a pact to improve farm engineering in Coastal Kenya

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Solis International, in partnership with Farm Engineering Industries Limited (FEIL Group of Companies), Friday announced plans to increase large scale production, improve small holder productivity and reduce cost of food, in line with the BIG 4 agenda on agriculture.

Amit Adya, Solis International Business Manager said the company will continue to work closely with FEIL Group of Companies and the Mombasa County to achieve the BIG 4 agenda by providing world class tractors & agricultural Machinery that will adopt and utilize the latest agricultural techniques to maximize the output, with a view of reducing cost of food production.

“In Mombasa, we have recorded close to 20 per cent growth on Solis tractors orders, attributed to the tractors’ versatility, affordability, simplicity to operate, easy maintenance and its ability to go the distance,” he said, adding that through the partnership it will aim to double the number to improve asset finance of up to 80 per cent to its customers with the help of Co-operative bank.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), agriculture in Kenya is large and complex, yet, the dynamics of poverty within Kenya are changing and directly influencing the country’s agricultural sector.

Currently 46 per cent of the population live on less than 1 USD a day, 36.5 per cent are food insecure and 35 per cent of children under five are stunted (chronically malnourished) in Kenya due to the high cost of food production, that makes them unable to fend for themselves.

This therefore influenced Farm Engineering to partner with Solis ITL, in order to sell the affordable and multifunctional Solis range of tractors as part of their commitment to reduce the cost of production, especially for the small scale farmers who intend to also transport their produce.

“Our association with FEIL Group of Companies is founded on the delivery of proven performance tractors as well as reliable field and workshop service and parts that afford us a round the clock guarantee to meet growing market demand for these affordable tractors, especially in Mombasa since we believe that the Coastal region has a promising future for these versatile tractors.” Amit said.


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