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QuantaInsure to unveil mobile-based insurance platform

By Monica Muema

QuantaInsure Insurance Agency has announced plans to launch its flagship mobile app QuantaInsure, but has not settled on the launch date.

In a statement Wednesday, the firm said that the new digital insurance platform would act as a benchmark platform on which users will use to compare, buy a policy, and claim from different insurance companies ‘within minutes. No more paperwork.’

“With the launch of this new service, we bring you a new mode of insurance services which is transparent, convenient and relatable. As one of our customers exclaimed “I’ve just been through the app and it’s incredible! I get a quote in 5 seconds,” it said.

The digital car insurance platform is expected to revolutionize the sector as we know it particularly for motor insurance class.

Figures by Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) show that in the fourth quarter of 2020, general insurance premiums grew to Sh130.84 billion, while medical and motor insurance classes maintained a leading position in terms of contribution in general insurance business premium at 33.0 per cent and 34.4 per cent respectively.

Motor Commercial gross premiums decreased with the highest amount of Sh1.97 billion followed by Personal Accident with Sh 1.17 billion.

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