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Nairobi: DeiPlaces launches in Kenya, keen to boost local tourism

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Dei Technologies International Monday launched a social networking platform christened DeiPlaces, in Kenya barely a month after a similar launch in Uganda as it seeks to increase local tourism.

The platform, a first in the country is poised to offer citizen an opportunity to discover, create and share places and memories with friends and families. The platform is also expected to benefit tourism and travel stakeholders to market products, tour spots and activities.

The firm’s Business Development Manager, Paul Bamutaze, said, if well harnessed, DeiPlaces will go a long way in improving local tourism.

“There are over a billion places across the continent worth visiting but people do not know about them. DeiPlaces is now here to help us market such places to the world. If well embraced, I am certain we will increase Kenyan local tourism by over 20 per cent,” he said, adding that plans are afoot for launches in South Africa, Rwanda and other key tourism destinations.

To access the DeiPlaces platform, one has to register and create an account by visiting DeiPlaces website or download DeiPlaces mobile application accessible on Google Playstore and Appstore. The social network focuses on individuals, organizations among other entities sharing information in pictures, videos and words about places.

“There are many Kenyans who are yet to explore the beauty of our country due to lack of awareness. Gladly, today is also about what this event highlights – what we can do to imbue our people with tourism,” said Simon Kamau, DeiPlaces Team Leader for the Kenyan market.

The platform comes in the wake of a robust internet connectivity in the country with over 37 million mobile phone subscribers in Kenya today and internet users are 31.9 million. Latest statistics from Communications Authority show that 89.7 out of 100 people in the country access internet services.

Tourism, a major foreign exchange earner, showed a turnaround last year, growing 13.3 per cent after contracting 1.3 per cent the previous year, according to Economic Survey 2017.

Kenya Tourism Board states that total international arrivals to the country by air and sea increased by 7.8 per cent to nearly 787,000 tourists last year compared to a similar period in 2016 between January and October.

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