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KRA reaps over Sh1Billion from SMEs in new scheme

Over 3000, small-scale traders have benefited from the Kenya Railways Boma Line (National De-consolidation Centre) since President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the facility in February 2020.

All consolidated cargo imported by sea and transported to Nairobi through the Standard Gauge Railway, is deconsolidated, cleared, and collected by the owners at the Kenya Railways Corporation (Boma Line) Transit Shed.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner General Githii Mburu said 1,021 TEUs cleared since its establishment and operationalization in November 2020 resulted in Shs1, 046,719, 812 in customs revenue.

The deconsolidation centre has seen an increase from clearing six containers in November 2020 to 106 in June 2021.

Since its establishment, the agency says no trader has lost their goods and complaints relating to delayed cargo clearance significantly reduced. This means the de- consolidation of cargo is secure.

The Boma Line transit shed has been expanded to handle up to 30 TEUs in a day from four containers last year. The government through KRA gazetted the Shed among other various facilities to be used for deconsolidation to ease and speed clearance of cargo imported by small-scale traders.

The facility has significantly reduced the cost of doing business for small-scale traders.

Currently, it takes less than 24 hours for cargo to be transported to from the Port to Boma Line where it is immediately cleared and released for pick up by the traders. Traders in Nairobi CBD pick their goods on carts or Pick Up trucks and hence avoid last mile costs.

KRA intends to further simplify the process by introducing mobile apps for both clearance and payment of taxes.

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