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Kenya Ni Sisi Campaign in new impact-driven initiative

Kenya Ni Sisi Campaign has today announced distribution of more than 2,000 units of innovative safe toilet systems in informal settlements to help relieve thousands of households from poor sanitation.

SATO and Silafrica said the sanitary toilet solution has a huge potential to fix Kenya’s sanitation crisis by uplifting livelihoods of pit latrine users through conversion of households using open pit systems to closed pit latrines.

“We thought the SATO toilet which is such an easy upgrade to convert open pit toilets to closed would help our workers and the communities where they live, because one of the big challenges with low income high density communities is that they use open pit latrine where flies come out and infect everybody with diseases” said Silafrica Group Executive Director, Akshay Shah.

In Kenya, More than 20 million people lack access to basic sanitation, atleast a place they can call a safe toilet.

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