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Janus Continental Group: Why we are building a sustainable future for Africa

JCG operates across Africa, the Middle East and Europe, with investments in ten countries across Energy, Conservation and Real Estate. The Group consists of over 700 people of 20 nationalities, bringing together international and local expertise.

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By Hellen Akello

Janus Continental Group (JCG) is comprised of market-leading companies in Energy, Real Estate, Conservation, and Hospitality sectors. One of the major contributors to Africa’s energy sector.

We are an African success story with a track record spanning over 38 years across the continent.

The Group has grown into a multifaceted impactful operation; The Energy businesses provide reliable, cleaner, and more accessible energy and infrastructure solutions; The Retail businesses advance the quality of life with world-class office and retail spaces and experiences which enable communities to grow and thrive; and the Conservation and Hospitality division serves as a beacon of conservation- preserving and protecting natures beauty and wildlife for present and future generations.

The group seeks to create solutions that have a long-term impact on the sustainable development of the continent. JCG has always been driven by a desire to improve the lives of people across the continent.

To demonstrate its commitment to its future, JCG has announced a new company purpose, undergone a corporate re-brand, and launched a new corporate website and newly designed logos.

The new purpose statement is, ‘To build impactful businesses that move people towards a bright sustainable future. Advance. Impact. Every day.’ is in line with the business decisions, sustainability, and investment projects where the group seeks to amplify its investments.

Now, with a refreshed brand, purpose statement, and website, JCG is ready to showcase its full suite of businesses and how they all work together towards a common goal to take them forward for the next 10 years.

With a history of delivery and a renewed focus on its purpose, JCG is now affirming its place as a leading African conglomerate that is driving development through enterprise.

By showcasing the full range of our businesses and how they all work together towards a common goal, JCG is ready to make a clear and compelling case for why it is the ideal partner for stakeholders looking to build businesses that advance and impact the lives of millions of people every day.

As governments and businesses globally continue to accelerate decarbonization efforts and demonstrate the appetite for more sustainable alternatives, such as LNG and renewable energy, JCG, and its business units have adapted to meet the needs of communities and businesses to meet this goal.”

The year-long project set out to define the company’s purpose and values, beginning with a bottom-up approach, to understand what employees and the CEO’S of each business unit believed they deliver and why they think the company exists, over and above the commercial value they add.

We were really careful to ensure that our purpose is not just about societal impact. It has to encompass the commercial value we bring and, of course, our principles, but for our purpose to have real impact and for it to be brought to life, every person in the organization needs to believe it and embrace the value system that it creates.

The new purpose statement aligned values and the new website and logos were developed together with their appointed agency, Landor Singapore, part of the WPP group, who won the tender in a competitive pitch with 3 other global agencies.

Great Lakes Africa Energy (GL Africa Energy), BSL Infrastructure and Dalbit form JCG Energy Solutions. Together, this division within the business will seek to advance JCG’s goal of providing reliable energy solutions to communities and enterprise.

As a leading independent power producer, GL Africa Energy will have a renewed focus on renewable energy and gas while, BSL Infrastructure will continue to provide high-quality engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services to the energy sector, and Dalbit business is looking ahead to support the region’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

Dalbit has been delivering more accessible and cleaner energy for the last 20 years, a milestone which was marked by planting 1,000 trees at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, as part of a tree-planting initiative aimed at preserving the world’s first Mountain Bongo sanctuary in 2022.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy (MKWC) leads the conservation arm of the JCG family, and ill continue to preserve and protect nature’s biodiversity, in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service.

With the support of Group partners, including Dalbit, one of MKWC’s key initiatives has been the rewilding of the mountain bongo, an endangered species native to the region.

Recognizing that the consumer and retail sectors will be key to modernizing regional economies, JCG is investing in protecting, catering to, and creating welcoming spaces.

With properties including The Hub Karen and 90 JGO, JCG Real Estate will be looking to incorporate green energy in its infrastructure and set a new standard for environmentally friendly development.

Now, with a refreshed brand and purpose statement, JCG is ready to showcase its full suite of businesses and how they all work together towards a common goal. JCG’s new dynamic and engaging logo will be a significant way to mark the symbol of this latest chapter in the story of the company.

The Author is the Group Chief Operations Officer (COO) of  JCG

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