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Isuzu EA, Bamburi Cement Partner to Support Female Truck Drivers

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By Victor MUJIDU

Isuzu East Africa’s Drivers Academy today held its fifth graduation that saw over 37 truck drivers certified including seven women from the Bamburi Cement Program – Women on Wheels (WoW). The program is a collaboration between Isuzu East Africa and Bamburi Cement.

The move is geared towards enhancing driving skills, increase employability, and strengthen road safety on Kenyan roads.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Isuzu EA’s Managing Director – Rita Kavashe applauded the graduates adding that the training at the Academy was also expected to translate to enhanced customer experiences hence increased retention of Isuzu customers.

“Today marks a positive step forward for the Isuzu EA fraternity as we remain confident that the newly certified drivers – will indeed build on our commitment to provide reliable, efficient transport services to Kenyans and quot”, Kavashe said.

She added that the training demonstrates Isuzu EA’s investment in capacity building for the drivers in the transport sector besides progressively fulfilling the promise of being the region’s Trusted Logistics Partner.

On his part, Bamburi Cement’s Group CEO Mohit Kapoor noted the significance of increasing the number of women truck drivers across Kenya courtesy of the Women on Wheels (WoW) program.

“The private sector needs to attract more female drivers into the profession by treating them as capable and valued professional drivers. We are committed to working with our partners to scale this initiative and close the gender gap in the driver profession as part of our sustainability programs under Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and Health, Safety and Environment Agenda.”

In an exclusive interview with a number of graduates, the Isuzu driving academy has tremendously helped both men and women in realizing their driving careers, urging that, more should apply for the driving school to better their skills on the road.

“The Isuzu driving academy has so far taught us a lot about defensive driving…, it has shown us how we can communicate with other drivers out there and even take our own safety while we are on the road.

“My urge is to encourage many women to please come out to join Isuzu Academy next time when they are having this training because the today’s graduation event, only a few have graduated, something that shows us we need to up the game”, said Agrifina Vata who was among the seven women graduated in today’s event.

According to the Geocycle Director for Bamburi Cement, Jane Wangari, 30 women have so far graduated from the Isuzu driving program since its launch in December 2021, confirming that the management is working effectively to increase the number every year to achieve its sustainable goals for women on wheels.

“We are looking to have in by the end of this year an additional 50 women…, so for the program to be sustainable, we want to have every year 50 women graduating from this program”, she said.

The Isuzu Drivers Academy continues to ensure that Isuzu customers not only acquire the right vehicles to meet their transport needs but also qualified and trained drivers.

Established in 2019, the Academy is also keen to ensure that drivers undergo rigorous training on the right motoring values, thus contributing significantly to the national goals of strengthening Road Safety.

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