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Immune boosting tea

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A Kenyan-based Chinese businessman David Yang has urged Kenyans to consume the popular African Oolong tea to boost their immunity in the wake of the deadly coronavirus known to attack a patient’s immune system.

There is evidence that green tea and chamomile tea can help strengthen the immune system. Even if the effect is minimal, you can’t go wrong, since both are loaded with powerful antioxidants unique to each tea, according to Yang.

There are existing and well-documented benefits from this tea for heart, brain, bone and dental health. In addition, it may boost your metabolism, decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and protect against certain types of cancer.

“At the end of the day, oolong tea is an incredibly healthy and tasty addition to your lifestyle,” says Young.

Arkman Limited has contracted about 20 Kenyan tea farmers across the country, who it relies upon to consistently supply the commodity – which Mr. Yang says is “carefully hand crafted’ and a pure nature plant.

He describes the tea as being,” Invigorating and deliciously sweet.” The Oolong tea has a taste resembling tie guan yin, but with the sweet and refreshing aroma, resulting in a healthy drink that nourishes the body and enriches the soul.”

Made from the leaves, buds and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant, oolong tea is slightly fermented and semi-oxidized, giving it a taste in between black and green tea. There are a wide variety of oolong teas, but the most famous oolong comes from the Fuijan province of China.

African oolong tea further assists in maintaining a healthy immune system. The antioxidant flavonoids found in the tea prevent cellular damage. The production of anti-bacterial proteins is much higher in those who drink oolong tea, indicating a strong immune response when fighting infection – such as the Covid-19.


Today, the company produces an estimated 102tons every month, but he says, the capacity could increase depending on the market’s demand, which is fast growing with the product expended in major hotels and restaurants.

“The oolong tea can either be taken as it is without adding milk or sugar, if you want it for health benefits, but if you want to take it for pleasure it is still fine,” says Mr. Yang.

The company has an existing agreement with online retailers such as Jumia who sell on their behalf. The African oolong tea is also available on several retail stores and supermarkets.

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