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Huawei Cloud, Mango TV and Kenyan Media Houses Sign MoU to Accelerate Media Intelligence for Kenya

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By Victor MUJIDU

The world’s largest and most advanced service and software providers, Huawei, in collaboration with Mango TV and local media outlets, have engaged in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) as they seek to strengthen and build the cloud foundation for an intelligent world.

The collaboration, which involved China-based TV (Mango TV), Standard Group, Mediamax Network, Nation Media, and Royal Media and Services, seeks to elevate the traditional media industry to a new height with improved user experience and new business models that will coherently build the digital media ecosystem for Kenya and Africa as a whole.

“Huawei Cloud Media Services is built on cutting-edge media infrastructure, serves major industry customers such as Mango TV, and we help you build a precise, personalized intelligent recommendation system,” said Gao Fei (Gavin), the President of Huawei East Africa Region, during the summit.

Mango TV has been regarded as the champion of AI for its tendency of using it to expedite repetitive tasks, streamline captioning, filter and distribute news, and much more, leaving more time for creators to spend on actually creating.

Ken Ngaruiya, CEO of the Ceo Mediamax Network, applauded the collaboration, commenting that the move will not only strengthen the relationship in the digital sphere but also incentivize growth in entrepreneurship, among other benefits.

“The core need for cloud adaptation for a traditional media company encompasses a wide range of benefits, including global reach, audience engagement, data analysis, monetization opportunities, security, compliance, and competitive advantage.”

“By embracing cloud technologies and leveraging cloud-based services, media companies can position themselves for success in the digital age and drive growth and innovation in their industry,” he said.

Most media companies are on the lookout for ways to save money and improve efficiency.

Currently, automating news production has been the latest answer to reducing costs while also increasing viewership. This is because cloud computing offers resources and tools that include storage, better speeds, databases, networking capabilities, secure and seamless distribution, and AI-backed content dissemination.

“We are able to access and use these resources on demand without investing too much in IT infrastructure; we are able to work efficiently, reduce our costs, and scale operations quickly and easily,” said Joe Munene, the CEO of Standard Group.

The application of artificial intelligence in the media is growing as a means of reducing laborious chores and boosting productivity for journalists and entertainment producers. For instance, Mango TV now subtitles its movies, including live broadcasts in real-time, utilizing Verbit’s automated speech recognition (ASR) technology.

Producers can save money and time by using Verbit’s in-house media transcription and captioning service, which streamlines a previously time-consuming procedure. This frees up more time for creative endeavours.

Media producers can also make use of these technologies by giving them access to transcripts of all the statements made during interview and show tapings.

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