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Global sports betting to grow by $144.44 billion

Global sports betting market is expected to grow by $144.44 billion between 2020 and 2025, according to prediction by Technavio.

The industry market size hit 203 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 which was credited to an increased availability and penetration of mobile technology around the world.

In Kenya, like in many other African countries, gambling is classified and positioned as a legitimate recreational and leisure activity. More than 71% of respondents in Kenya report having engaged in sports betting in the past. At the lower end of the range, only 28% of respondents in Egypt have engaged in sports betting. Egypt and Brazil (43%) are the only countries in our survey below 50%.

The report focuses on market size including value, production, and consumption, and analyzes the data status of the global Sports Betting market by manufacturers, region, type, and application.

The scope of this market research report is explained which covers industry research, market sizing and forecast, competitive analysis, market entry strategy, pricing trends, sustainability trends, innovation trends, technology evolution, and distribution channel assessment.

The global Sports Betting market report uncovers the industry dynamics and various other substantial parameters including product supply ratio, profit margin, demand analysis, and detailed cost structure.



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