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Cameroon boosts stake in Shelter Afrique with payment of USD 3.5M

The Company has also received additional capital contributions in 2021 from Mali ($2,062,994), Rwanda ($1,099,826), Uganda ($41,740), and Swaziland (US$323,687), Togo (US$580,000), Cote D’Ivoire (US$569,295) and Kenya (US$9,276,437).

Shelter Afrique has received USD 3,529,801.29 from the Government of Cameroon in additional capital subscription increasing its shareholding by 2% from the current shareholding of 3.61% to the revised shareholding of 5.24%.

The Cameroon Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Her Excellency Madame Celestine Ketcha Courtes was newly appointed as President of the Shelter Afrique General Assembly at the Shelter Afrique AGM which was held in Yaoundé, Cameroon on June 24.


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