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Tatu city unveils Kofinaf Residences

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Tatucity has launched a new residential neighborhood that represents the pinnacle of lakeside living at the 5,000-acre new city on Nairobi’s doorstep.

A place of legacies, Kofinaf Tatu Residences is located at the secluded heart of Tatu City amid the legendary coffee estates of Kenya.

Situated on over 200 acres of lush and mature landscape around a picturesque lake, Kofinaf Tatu Residences are just minutes away from the amenities of Tatu City, which include the best Kenyan and international schools, Grade A offices, a new shopping complex and dozens of leading businesses.

Owners at Kofinaf Tatu Residences have exclusive access to Comte de Beaumont Dam, whose ever-present water is the essence of life for the rich red soil of Tatu City. Fed by the perennial waters of the Mukuyu and Gaia Rivers, Beaumont Dam and its shores are a private nature reserve with diverse wildlife within Tatu City.

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“At Kofinaf Tatu Residences, luxury and leisure are a way of life,” said David Karimi, Head of Sales, Tatu City “On expansive 1-2-acre plots, owners experience nature at ease.”

Nestled amid indigenous, 100-year-old trees, with unbridled views of Comte de Beaumont Dam, Kofinaf Tatu Residences allow for versatile architectural styles that are responsive to the landscape, from traditional to contemporary.

Residents enjoy features such as gatehouses, 24/7 water and power, CCTV and electric fences, high-speed fibre, private jogging tracks, picnic sites and nature trails.

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