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Peru, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania are increasing Avocado volumes to Europe

The Hass avocado, a Guatemalan race with pebbled black skin, is the main planted variety today. Hass lends itself well to ripening and can withstand long transport times. There are new Hass varieties available, such as Lavi Hass, Lamb Hass and Gem Hass. These Hass sub-varieties help extend the supply season.

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By Victor MUJIDU

Europe seems to remain stable, with a high presence of small-sized fruit at low prices, according to Avobook Report W19-2024 report.

Imports from developing countries continue to grow too. Almost 84,000 of the 127,000 tonnes of imported avocados came directly from developing countries. Peru, Colombia, Kenya and South Africa were the biggest suppliers to the German market in 2022.

The supply of avocados is increasing fast, but the European market can still take on higher volumes. The healthy nature and multiple uses of avocados result in strong consumer demand. France and Scandinavian countries are already very mature markets, while Germany and Italy still have room for growth. While consumption is still on the rise, supply peaks make profitable returns more unpredictable.

But this could change in the coming weeks, with the surge of fruit from the coast of Peru, which will contribute medium and large-sized units.

With Spain out of the circuit and Israel ending its shipments to the old continent, Peru, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania are increasing their presence. In the United States, the harvest from Mexico and California is self-regulating to avoid overstock, and Asia is nearly saturated with Peruvian fruit.

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