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Local firm taps new tool to help recruiters hire smartly

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Human Resource (HR) practitioners and recruiters now have an easier time sourcing for talent following the launch of a new innovative hiring tool.

BrighterMonday, a job matching platform, has introduced a new ‘Relevance Ranking’ feature that uses an in-built matching score to rank applicants according to their relevance to the job description, allowing the recruiting party to view the best-qualified applicants right at the top of the list in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the platform has added a ‘Recommended Candidates’ feature that suggests ten most suitable candidates that match the role published on the platform and the recruiter can invite them to apply.

The firm’s CEO Chris Otundo, noted that this is done as soon as a job listing is published, giving the recruiter faster access to a pool of qualified candidates and the added value of leveraging on BrighterMondays’ database of highly qualified candidates outside of those who have already seen and applied for the job giving the recruiter the ability to connect with the ideal candidates in seconds.

The recommendation feature leverages BrighterMonday’s robust database of job seekers to handpick the top ten most suitable candidates for the role. Once a job listing goes live, the algorithm scans the database and generates a list of the most eligible and qualified candidates based on the job requirements.

Last year, the firm unveiled its expanded mandate, as part of the African Talent Company, with the aim of reducing the African talent gap.

This saw it expand operations to include services on Outsourcing, Offline recruitment and Impact Project Partnerships, in addition to its Digital Recruitment solution.

The latest tech innovations are providing employers with powerful new tools for multiplying the effectiveness of their employees.

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