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Road to E-mobility takes shape as Kenya Power readies a landmark forum

Kenya Power has established a new one-stop shop e-mobility office to champion Kenya Power's e-mobility business. Kenya has an installed capacity of 3077 megawatts and an off-peak load of 1100 megawatts, which Kenya Power believes is sufficient to support the entire e-mobility ecosystem.

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By Victor MUJIDU

Kenya Power is set to hold the inaugural E-mobility conference this week beginning Tuesday to define the roadmap for electric motorization in the country.

The two-day forum is expected to bring together public sector agencies, county governments, development partners, and the private sector, to develop a consultative framework that will support a coordinated approach toward the implementation of E-mobility.

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This comes even as Kenya contines to fight the effects of greenhouse gas emissions that have led to climate change, and an increasing number of firms are embracing cleaner sources of energy to reduce carbon emissions.

Multinationals companies in e-mobility, including charging infrastructure solutions, can take advantage of this opportunity and build long-term interaction with the newly established e-mobility office within Kenya Power.

Kenya Power owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in the country and sells electricity to over 8 million customers throughout Kenya.

The company has announced plans to phase out fossil fuel powered vehicles and motorbikes from its fleet. In the short term, the company has set aside, KShs 40 million (approximately $300,000) in this fiscal year to purchase three electric vehicles (two pickups and one four-wheel drive) as well as construct three electric vehicle charging stations within Nairobi City on a pilot basis.

This move comes on the back of the company’s recent invitation for bids for the construction of an e-mobility network infrastructure system (ENIS) to pilot rollout of charging stations. The company has also recently finished a pilot project in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Program, which deployed 13 electric bikes to their field teams.

Electro-mobility (or e-Mobility) represents the concept of using electric powertrain technologies, in-vehicle information, communication technologies, and connected infrastructures to enable the electric propulsion of vehicles and fleets.

E-mobility means that passenger and motor vehicles are powered by an electric motor that draws its energy from a rechargeable battery.

Mobility is the segment where the actual increase of electric vehicles on the road will take place. Your business in mobility will focus on business models that use electric vehicles to provide services to customers. It will focus on value addition to the customers using electric vehicles.

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