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Emboo River ranked the most transparent tourism destination

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Emboo River, located in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, is leading the way to the world’s first carbon negative safaris.

By applying innovation and technology, Emboo River is offering guests a luxurious stay in the centre of nature during which guests empower the Maasai community and conserve nature.
Emboo River allows guests to travel without leaving anything but footsteps behind.

Emboo River is the first lodge in Kenya that has its entire fleet of Electric Safari Vehicles powered by solar energy after the old engines were converted to electric engines.

The game drives are a game changer without any exhaust fumes, noise or CO2 emission. Emboo River’s full eco mission also includes natural lagoons that filter and recycle 100% of wastewater, delicious farm to fork meals with ingredients from their own organic vegetable garden, an eco friendly kitchen with a stove fueled by biogas generated by the lodge’s own organic waste and so much more.

“Going all in on sustainability was essential when launching Emboo River.”, says William Partois Ole Santian, Managing Director of Emboo River. Together with Valery Super and Loic Amado, he founded Emboo River after a chance meeting in the Maasai Mara.

“We met during a dinner and spent hours talking about how tourism needs to step up its game to conserve nature. Our joint passion to establish a fully sustainable tourism destination led to the creation of Emboo River.”

While implementing their sustainable vision, Emboo River was often told that it was impossible, too costly or a multi-year plan.

Emboo River is taking down that misconception. Sustainable tourism is possible if you set your mind to it and, importantly, it is the only way to conserve the Maasai Mara for generations to come.Sustainability is entrenched in Emboo River’s DNA. Emboo River’s team and guests are proud to leave a positive impact on this beautiful piece of nature.

Emboo River created a yearly breakdown of its sustainability efforts which highlights numbers behind this eco friendly operation.

By sharing these numbers, Emboo River is making sustainable operations more transparent and is showcasing that sustainable operations are business savvy and financially viable with short payback periods on investments and enormous saved operational costs.

The Emboo River team is striving to inspire businesses, community organisations and individuals to make their lifestyles more sustainable and share experiences.

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